O​DDS Proven Income

Options Pro Reveals Three Proven Insider Secrets That Pumped Out 132 Straight Potential Winning Trades . . . 92.6% Winners for Over 18 Years . . . And Pumped Up Profits To Unheard of Levels!


3 Actionable, Potential
Winners Each Week—


Don Fishback, The "Options Guru"

In just 8 months, these real-time trades could have earned you profits as high as $257,465 and a win rate up to an amazing 97%!

     Now these exact trades will be available to you in my all-new, easy-to-use ODDS Proven Income Daily Report. I want you to have the chance to see, feel, live and breathe the unbelievable power and simplicity of ODDS trading.

     ODDS Proven Income trades could help you acquire the kind of wealth people dream of. Over an eighteen-year test period, our system discovered 3,274 profit opportunities. Had you been following these trade ideas, you could have won on 3,031 compared to just 243 losses. That's a staggering 92.6% winners!

     By catching only the most reliable moves — by winning as frequently as 94 times out of every 100 trades — you could pile up profits that others only dream about! Starting with just $10,000 and trading conservatively, you would have had the opportunity to see your profits pile up to $2,730,441!!

Uncanny 92.6% Accuracy and $2,730,441 Profits!

This powerful combination of three distinct and proven trading advantages ... led to a stunning series of 132 consecutive trades that gained value ... with trade after trade after trade producing an amazing annualized return averaging 80% per trade!

"Would You Invest $4.95 In A Newsletter That Could Make You $12,640 Per Month?"

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We Make Options Easy!

The only question you may have is, "Can I do this too?" Here's why you can. Because now you need perform no calculations... you needn't worry about finding a needle in a haystack ... you don't even have to wait!

Every night, I will search out the most powerful ODDS Proven Income trades and post detailed entry instructions straight to a secure web site that only readers like you can access.

Dear Friend,

     If you've ever wanted to trade options, but were afraid you couldn't do it, I'm here to tell you, you can!

     If you've heard horror stories about how options traders tend to lose money more often than not, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way.

     The proof is right here.

     My all-new ODDS Proven Income Daily Report provides specific easy-to-follow trade entry recommendations, with a win rate as high as 92.6% and an average profit potential of $12,640.93 per month.

     Yet, you can join us for less than the price of a movie ticket!

ODDS trading lets you:

... profit in an nearly any market situation

... pinpoint the best profit opportunities for consistent gains

... take trades knowing in advance that your opportunity for profit is better than 92.6%!

     The ODDS Proven Income Daily Report is designed to give you a powerful, almost insurmountable trading edge! Our track record looks at the best possible price after we recommend a trade. That way, you're assured that total gains are as good as they'll get. And the consistent, reliable profits our readers reap could be yours, just like the profits earned by Wayne. I have to say, I get a real warm feeling when traders like Wayne write to say how well their trading has been going ...


Proven by Academic Research to Generate Unexplained Profits

Total Gains Possible
Average Investment Per Position
Average Time in Trade
33 Days
Annualized Average Return
Average Monthly Profit
Potential Win Rate
Max Consecutive Wins
Max Consecutive Losses
Number of Trades
Number of Potential Winners
Average Profit Per Option Position

Full table of result is presented below. Please refer to this table for complete results and assumptions in calculations.

"You can do it safely — you can make money. I opened an account for my mom and more than doubled it (148% profit) in 20 days. Don's very honest and sincere. My bad habits have been erased and I'm on the right path."

— Wayne W., Nurse in Belkamp, MD


     Wayne is now on the 'right path' to unlimited wealth. And you can be too. Keep reading and I'll tell you how.

An Unbelievable Deal!

     I'm so certain that our easy-to-follow instructions will satisfy your wildest dreams, I'll take the risk — if you are unhappy with ODDS Proven Income for any reason, I'll refund every penny of the balance of your subscription.

     I've just completed a revealing trading manual "The Three Proven Keys To Beating The Market". These keys are the heart of our entry signals. I'll explain how they have been proven to give traders an insurmountable edge. This will not be be offered publicly for at least six months — and then at a price of at least $195. But it's yours FREE just for giving ODDS Proven Income Daily Report a 30-day "test drive".

     Plus, you'll get my bestselling book, "Options for Beginners" absolutely FREE!

Options Provide Unique Benefits That You Will NOT Find Anywhere Else

  • Start with just a few hundred dollars

  • Enormous quick profits

  • Unlimited upside potential

  • Strictly limited downside risk

  • Recession-proof

     Sounds perfect! Doesn't it?

     But it doesn't stop there. You can also use options to put the probabilities in your favor in overwhelming numbers! You can become the house, and let the gamblers hand you their money.

  • An Orlando Sales Manager has hit 100% winners for over 200,000 profit in 14 months

  • A Virginia man started with a little over $4,000 and was averaging $1,620 per week every week

  • A Maryland veterinarian made a 1020% return on her first try and wrote me, "I've decided that I'm going to like this!"

  • A New York corporate manager was put out of a job when his company downsized; but made more money trading 2 hours a week than his previous full-time job paid ... $378,625 and counting!

     Don't be the gambler, don't be the lottery player. Be the casino! Be the lottery commission!!

Now At Last —
Realistic Opportunity To Strike It Rich!

     Thanks to my eye-opening Daily Report, it's possible for you to make fantastic profits (80% Average annualized profit per trade) almost every time you trade (win over 15 out of every 16 trades). Yes, you can make big profits from tiny investments ($444 average investment) without tying up your money, because you can win on almost every trade.

     I've spent over 30 years of tedious research, trial, error, and my own hard-earned money before perfecting this remarkably simple system that can bring you faster profits, and more consistent profits than you ever dreamed possible.

     Now you can have this priceless knowledge without risking a penny and without making a single calculation!

Here's My Powerful Secret

     The basic concept strategy is really quite simple. Let everybody else — the uneducated, hopeful masses of traders — go for the big kill. What I do is apply some basic analysis first. Then decide, with incredible precision, where a stock is NOT going.

     We'll be positioned to wait for perfect opportunities in options to surface, then "pounce" on them and walk away with gigantic profits.

     Here's how I do it. Options become overvalued due to increasing demand caused by:

  • Small traders who view them as a "lottery" ticket for large gains;
  • Brokers who recommend them for clients because they're cheap and have limited risk;
  • Frenzied uninformed traders who follow the crowd and purchase options at any price and;
  • Traders reacting to special circumstances such as earnings, interest rates, economic reports etc.

     That's when opportunities for incredible, reliable gains occur. You see, options become mispriced as markets become crowded. At that point traders get "caught in the herd." ... and when that scenario happens, my subscribers clean up!

     That's how our ODDS Proven Income method shows 3,031 potential wins and only 243 losses (92.6% wins). That's how it found 132 consecutive trades that gained value. Piece-by-piece, your winnings could add up quickly. ODDS Proven Income Daily Report is the powerful weapon that gives you the insider's edge.

     Under normal conditions this strategy consistently pumps out potential winners month after month. Sometimes going more than 10 months with every trade gaining value.

     In fact, this automatic strategy has had a win rate as high as 92.6% accurate for the last 18 years and 100% accurate for 22 straight months — that's 132 consecutive potential winning trades! With average annualized profits of $151,691 every year!

Yes, 92.6% accurate for 18 years! 3,031 potential wins and only 243 losses! Please don't count on 100% accuracy ... just realize that it is possible and has actually been possible for months at a time.

     And once you put my method for stacking the probabilities on your side ... you'll be confident on every trade you take.

Why Our $2,730,441 Profit Is Better
Than The Other Guy's $3,000,000!!

     Yes, I've seen others talk about $1 million, $2 million, even $3 million profits. At a glance, that program's profit might look better — but believe me ODDS Proven Income blows them away!

     You see, their profits involve pyramiding and trading more and more — risking all your profits. Well, that's just not realistic. In the real world, you're going to want some of that money. And you're sure not going to risk a million dollars on a single trade.

     We assume no more than 10% of your buying power is invested. And once you make $200,000, you pull out $100,000. You make another $100,000 you take out that $100,000!

     Even when you've made $1,500,000, you still cut back to only using 10% of $100,000 on a trade. We say, make $2,730,441 THE SAFE WAY!

     By the way, let's compare them and ODDS Proven Income. If you risked 10% per trade with Proven Income but didn't pull the money out every $100,000 — you'd have made a ridiculous, unbelievable 8.9 billion dollars!

     Compare that to what others claim!

     Do I think you could make $8.9 billion? No way. Do I think you could make $2,730,441? BELIEVE IT!


Account + Cash


Cash Extracted




% Winners

Number of Trades




























































































































































Average Investment per single spread or option position

Average $ Profit per single spread or option position

Annualized Average Return on Margin per single spread or option position

Average Number of Days

Number of trades

Number of potential winners

Potential Win Rate

Assumes The Following:

  • Start with $10K
  • Invest 10% of available option buying power into initial margin
  • Enter at the closing bid if selling, ask if buying
  • Exit at the most favorable price based on the above assumption
  • Whenever cash exceeds $200K, withdraw $100K
  • Assumes no fees or commissions

     NOTICE: Other than in testimonials and where identified as actual trading profits, the performance information in this brochure is based on hypothetical or simulated trading. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.

The Breakthrough That Led
To A 
$500 Million Fortune — 
And a Brutal Murder

     Contrary to popular opinion, anomalies in markets can be shockingly profitable. A couple years ago, option wizard John Bender was found murdered inside his mansion in Costa Rica. He had purchased the mansion — and over 5000 acres he donated to a national reserve — out of his enormous options profits.

     You see, Mr. Bender uncovered an anomaly ... a certain situation where the market does not seem to follow the normally accepted rules of probability. Essentially, he made his trading profits by betting against the conventional models.

     This information gave him an advantage, which he turned into an estimated $500 million trading fortune. He then used his market profits to do something worthwhile: buying up large sections of the Costa Rican rain forest in order to preserve it.

     His legacy lives on by turning a huge rain forest into a National Preserve ... and with definitive proof that there are anomalies in the marketplace that provide an undeniable advantage.

We Combine Three Distinct
Anomalies To Uncover Our Trades

     We've compiled definitive research supporting three proven anomalies in the stock market and the options market. One relates to momentum, the second to the price movement of puts, and the third to "market state". We combine these three proven advantages to produce the ODDS Proven Income signals that have been so accurate for over 18 years.

     In "The Three Proven Keys To Beating The Market" you'll learn all about these amazing breakthroughs! You'll see for yourself that anomalies can provide a trading advantage.

     Join us every day with a huge advantage on trade after trade.

Reliability and Consistency Are Critical

     This system is based on one prime philosophy — it hates to lose. By taking only those trades where the odds are stacked in your favor, your money could grow at an astronomical rate. That way profits could steadily flow day-by-day into your account.

     The past trading record shows 15 potential wins for every loss! Your money builds up very quickly when nearly every trade provides you with an opportunity for building wealth!

Would You Be Happy With
92.6% Winners?

This is the Strategy For Traders Who Hate to Lose

     If you just can't stand to lose, my strategies have produced results like this ...

     Adam explains, "If trading options is going to support my wife and two babies — I can't afford to take big risks ... Out of 3 dozen trades, only 2 didn't work."

     David, who's trading four IRAs, says "When you're talking about retirement money, it's better to go for a safe bet ... I've done 36 trades following Don's system and all but one has been successful."

     And Joe says, "I'm nearing retirement so I'm more interested in supplementing my income than going for the big kill. Cash flow, that's what I wanted and that's what I got ... $10,000 a month suits me fine!"

     If you want steady profits month after month like Adam, David and Joe, my strategy is for you.

Meet Don Fishback

     Renowned Options Trading Authority — World-famous author and speaker, Don is highly respected for his unique methodology that identified: 132 consecutive winning trades... 92.6% profitable trades in an 18 year study ...

     Devoted Family Man — Don, his wife of 30 years, and their two daughters (25 and 20) enjoy a wholesome lifestyle on their 9-acre horse farm in Kentucky-where he routinely climbs aboard the old John Deere to mow his own pasture. Strong family values and quality time spent horseback riding and such with the kids characterizes the Fishback household.

     Avid Baseball Fan — Partner in minor league baseball teams, the Lexington Legends and Battle Creek Yankees.

     Generous Philanthropist — Heavily involved with charitable causes, Don wrote his first book, "Options for Beginners", to raise money for the American Heart Association. And he donated every penny of profits (more than $130,000) from what turned out to be a best seller. Subsequent seminars and books have been similarly motivated.

Honest and Trustworthy ...

"Don's the most honest and trustworthy person I've ever met. Not just in the industry, but anywhere. It's refreshing to learn from someone you know you can trust."

— Dr. Dennis P., Oral Surgeon. His trading account has shown
 huge percentage returns in just 30 minutes per week.

Make Money Steadily ...

"I lost money in options trading before taking Don Fishback's course. Others promote get-rich-quick based on risky trades that result in one loss after another. Don's methods show you how to make money steadily . . . resulting in higher profits over the long term. Don is genuinely interested in people not getting ripped off – a rarity in the industry."

— Stephen M., Houston-based Entrepreneur

I'm NOT  Always Right

     Listen, I want to be totally up-front and honest with you — ODDS Proven Income does pick losers. It's simply not realistic to think you will get in and out with a profit on every trade.

     In fact, our system recently found a trade in Parametric Technology (PMTC) that lost $67.80 on a $1000 investment. I feel bad about it, but I guess it was overdue.

     Until this trade, ODDS Proven Income found 132 consecutive trades where each position gained value. Win streaks like that were not unique. ODDS Proven Income had multiple winning streaks where the number of consecutive potential profitable trades lasted months. In 2017, the potential win streak lasted 42 straight winners, in 2016, the streak lasted 56. In 2015, it lasted 83. The potential win streak lasted 87 trades in 2014. These amazing streaks were not isolated to recent market action. Our system had huge streaks of trade ideas that you could have turned into big winners nearly every year.

     So yes, the verified methods used by ODDS Proven Income do find trades that don't make money — it does happen. But those losers are few and far between. Our streaks of potential winners are shockingly common. As James discovered, the most recent win streak was a very lucrative 35 consecutive profitable trades.

The Perfect Strategy For You Today —
Simple, Reliable, Worry-free

Like Kevin says,

"The biggest thing I enjoy about Don Fishback, and the biggest difference between his and other methods, is that it is non-directional trading. I don't have to pick a direction — I make money whether the stock moves up or down ...and I am floored by the results I am getting. I made $14,000 in one week!"

                                                                                                                             —Kevin L, Ohio Golf Course Owner

     Kevin made $40,000 his first year following one of my strategies. And even more exciting, he expects to have enough money to retire in just five years — at the tender age of 45.

     Clive, a hedge-fund manager says, "It's clean cut. It's simple. And I'm making my clients money with it."

     Matt, who's using one of my strategies to put four kids through school, says "Don's high-profit strategy protects downside while putting me in position to earn a significant profit."

     And Gordon, says, "It's a nice relief. I devote maybe an hour to it on Sunday evening, and then I check it a few times through the week."

     These traders know my strategies are perfect for individuals. That's because they're simple, reliable, and take very little time and money. No wonder it's so popular!

No wonder my files are filled with letters like these ...

"For the risk averse trader this is a no-brainer. Yes, you can lose but it is not very likely. I have 100% winners so far. I like it! Thanks."

— Bruce M.

Since January, Every Trade Has Been A Winner

"I'd always had bad experiences trading options, because I was uninformed on how they work. Don gave me basic underlying principles of how they work. He shared the very important concept of successful options trading.Since January, every trade has been a winner using his program. I just closed a $700 winner this morning! I'm looking for trades with good probabilities, and I've got confidence in my trading now. I am impressed!"

— T.L., Lafayette, LA

"I used the techniques you taught me to trade 1 option. The results were $6,000."

— P. Allan H., N. Fort Myers, FL

You Gave Me The Confidence I Needed

"All is going well. In fact, just yesterday the order was filled netting a nifty $1,844 after commission. Not too shabby for a guy who was essentially option illiterate. I'm happy, Don. You gave me the confidence and momentum that I needed to get going in options. Thanks again, Don for sharing what you know."

— Tim H., Edwards,WA

"This model really is quite amazing. I've made over $5,000 in the past 4 months on a dozen or so successful trades. I haven't had a loser yet."

— John H.

Trading Options Could Make You A Millionaire

According to a study done by the prestigious Yankelovich Partners, 1- in -4 successful option traders have more than $1 million in ready cash. Of course, not everyone who enters the options market is successful. But their failure is not the fault of options. As Bob can tell you, options are a tremendous tool for making money ...

"I finished the year with 40 wins and 2 losses using only Don's high probability strategy. I ended the year with $27,600 and averaged $2,300 per month. Life is good!"

— Bob M., Retired Floridian

ODDS Lets You Pick How Often You Want To Win

"Pick whatever probability suits you, my winners out-number my losers 4-to-1."

— Gordon G.

Between 5% and 10% profit every month

"I've won 100% of the trades… and I've got somewhere between 5% and 10% profit rolling in every month."

— Karl Z.

Way north of the 90% success rate

"I use 85% probability as criterion. But out of 3-dozen trades, only 2 didn't work, and that puts me way north of the 90% success rate."

— Adam W.

$24,125 profit in just a couple of months

"100% winners. And in just a couple months I made $24,125 profit that I can use to pay off some bills."

— Joe K.

For Gordon, Karl, Adam and Joe, the ODDS way of trading options has been a reliable cash-generating business ... now's your chance.

103 Days... 92 Trades... 84 Profitable...
91.3% Winners with no work at all...

     "The first trade had a near certain chance of profit, then the next. And the next... and the next... etc. After that, I realized the potential win streak went for 132 Trades

     "When I first learned readers of ODDS Proven Income could have produced 3,031 winners out of 3,274 trades for a staggering 92.6% hit rate, I just had to see it for myself. So for the next 5 months, I put the "anomalies" to the test and paper traded the system on my own.

     "Needless to say, I was astounded: 92 trades, 84 hits for a 91% win rate. And here's the best part...

     "I didn't have to do anything once I was in the trade! I didn't even need an exit strategy. This incredible win streak was the performance gained from putting on the trades, then taking some time off to relax. All I had to do was close the very few positions that had a small loss prior to the options expiring. That was very rare.

     "And then it happened... Right from day one, the opportunities hit, and kept hitting. Best of all, it was so super easy. I didn't have to spend any time worrying about managing a trade.

     "On page 6 of this letter is a year-by-year account of how these profits were racked up.

     "After you look at these, be sure to read the entire letter to find out why ODDS Proven Income Daily Report practically assures profit opportunities like these time after time; and learn how you can be among the first non-institutional investors to get in on the party."

— James Hughbanks, Information Systems Manager

Here's The Catch — And
 The Reason
I'm Willing To Share This

      By now you must be asking yourself, "If Don is so successful and making so much money, why is he doing this?"

     The reason I'm sharing these secrets in the first place is because I've gotten heavily involved in helping charities and the disadvantaged. As you may know, I've donated every penny of profit from my bestselling book "Options For Beginners" (by the way, I'm giving you this book FREE!) to the American Heart Association — already amounting to well over a hundred thousand dollars. And I've committed myself to help raise millions of dollars over the next two years. And in addition to pestering my wealthy friends, neighbors and business associates, I've come up with an innovative fund-raising twist.

A No-Lose Deal

     I realized that if I taught 100 serious investors how to make millions of dollars in investment profits over the next decade — they shouldn't mind agreeing to donate 5% of their profits to charity, should they?

     So here's what I want from you. If you learn these secrets and you profit big, I expect you to voluntarily donate 5% of those profits over the next two years to the American Heart Association or another equally worthy charity of your choice.

     So you walk away with the secrets some traders have used to make over 16 million dollars in just three years ... and then donate 5% to charity. I am dead serious about this. We keep track of what organizations our customers target for gifts. Here is a partial list of charities that have been identified for gifts from my customers: American Cancer Society, Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, St. Jude Medical, Boy Scouts, countless churches and veterans organizations and a host of other civic organizations.

     You'll be on your honor to make the donations. When the success and money start to flow, you need to give and help others ... there is an amazing feeling of focus and accomplishment in doing so. This force actually propels more people to stratospheric success than anything else I've studied.

I believe in giving back.

     That's why, for the past two decades, I have been involved with the American Heart Association.

     It all started in 1996, when I began to write Options For Beginners. I didn't want the money. But I did want to educate traders. So my publisher and I decided that all profits from the sale of the book would go to a worthy charity. We chose the American Heart Association.

     Our first check was for $5,000 — a nice start. The next donation was for more than $50,000! Here's a picture of me giving the local AHA representatives the check. I was very proud to have been able to do that.

     Since then, I have been a fundraiser and volunteer at the local and national level:

  • I served on the national Biotechnology and Biomedical Peer Review Committee.

  • The AHA provided grants of $151 million last fiscal year.

  • I was recently named Volunteer of the Year.

  • Total donations by my company have exceeded $120,000.

     I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. But I am not satisfied. I think I can do better.

     That's why I am asking you to help me. If you take me up on my incredible trial offer, every penny of your first payment will be donated to the American Heart Association.

     So not only will you be getting fantastic trade ideas each and every day. Your money will be used to "build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke."

Although the American Heart Association welcomes the donations, it does NOT endorse Options For Beginners or ODDS Proven Income.

Let Me Guide You on Your Way
Get 1-Month Trade Ideas Just $4.95

And I'm Donating the $4.95 
Directly to the American Heart Association

     How would you like to prime the profit pump by letting us spoon-feed these trades for you?

     Every day, before the market open, we update our Daily Report containing several trades, along with one trade listed as "Best of the Best". Of course, sometimes there are no trades! We don't trade just for the sake of trading. Everything you need to place a trade is right there: the stock and its price, the option and its price, what action to take, the trade's breakeven price, and the trade's probability of profit.

     Investors pay $594 a year for my ODDS Proven Income Daily Report. But I am sure that once you see the power of ODDS, you'll be a customer for life. That's why I'll discount the first month 90% off the regular price! That's just $4.95 ... less than the price of a movie ticket!

What a great way to jump-start
your option trading business.

Here's What You'll Get

  • Daily Alerts

    The ODDS Proven Income Daily Report can help you realize your dreams ... we're certain of it. And we're giving you a full month for just $4.95 — which should reveal to you over a dozen potential winners to both satisfy your curiosity and prove it works.
  • $195 Breakthrough Manual Free

    As you follow ODDS Proven Income Daily Report, you'll be amazed at the trading accuracy and profit results. I expect you'll also be very interested in learning how and why this is so successful. It's all based on three proven anomalies in the market that give an advantage to anyone using them. In "The Three Proven Keys To Beating the Market" you learn it all. This is the science behind the trades — the momentum secret, the put option secret and the "market state" secret that give me — and you — a step ahead of every trader without these secrets.​
  • Options Best-Seller Free

    I'm also going to send you the digital version of my best-selling book, "Options For Beginners" absolutely FREE. This $19.95 book is one of the top-selling options books of all time, as I prepared it to explain the basics at a level any middle school child could understand.​

Deal Info

ODDS Proven Income Report regularly $49.50 month
The Three Proven Keys To Beating The Market regularly $195        
OPTIONS For Beginners regularly $19.95

100% Guaranteed — So You Risk Nothing

     Naturally, you can cancel at anytime. If you do, simply cancel your subscription and receive a 100% refund on the full and complete balance of your unused portion of our service.

     Keep the Bonuses as my thank you for giving ODDS Proven Income a try.

     And furthermore, I'll extend that guarantee FOREVER!

     If at any time, for any reason, you decide you want your money back, just send us a note and say so. We'll promptly return every penny of your unfulfilled subscription ... But, I'll ask for nothing in return!

     Options For Beginners and The Three Proven Keys To Beating The Market, with all their wealth-building secrets, are yours to keep forever. No matter what.

     You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving the ODDS Proven Income Daily Report a try. But, you may have $1 million to gain. If you're serious about wanting $1 million, I really believe I can help you.

Real Life Success Stories ...

"Trading is going well. I'm currently trading just spreads each month. That'll be three months in a row with an average profit of about $1,500 per month."

— Matt I., Indianapolis, IN

Put Three Kids Through College

"I think a prudent man should use options to make as much money as possible. 80% winning trades have grown my IRA and helped to put three kids through college, and will also help pay for my daughter's wedding. It's like having a weight lifted from me. I feel very fortunate that I can give them everything they need and almost everything they want."

— David B., Clamson, MI

I made over $200,000 profit ... in just 14 months. All trades have been winners ... a 100% Success Rate!

Consider John D., a sales manager for a printing company in Orlando, Florida. His account is up more than 150% in 14 months, netting him a profit of $200,000 in just over a year.

"What I like is that Don Fishback is really concerned about risk – he doesn't want any of his students losing money," says John. "I've made 20 consecutive trades following Don's advice, and all 20 have been winners. That's a success rate of 100%."

"Don not only 'talks the talk,' but he also 'walks the walk.' Backing up what he says with strategies that truly work. He's honest about risks, and he doesn't compromise," continues John. "Of all the courses out there, Don's strategies are those that have the best chance of giving investors return on their dollar."

100% Success!

"Following is a summary of ODDS trades I've executed. As you can see – 100% success!! This account is the first for my new money management business. I already have commitments for two more, starting with $25,000 each. Looks like this will be a very exciting year."

— Mark A., Moseley, VA

Averaging Between $1000 and $2000 per Week

"You turned things around for me. I am averaging between $1,000 and $2,000 per week cash coming in right now. My eventual goal is to make $1,000 per day, so that's what I'm going to try to do! Now my wife is also going to start implementing your ideas!"

— Clem H., Kodak, TN

My Bank Account has Consistently Gone Up

"I took a couple of Don's ideas and have gone great guns with them. My bank account has consistently gone up quite a bit. This is perfect for a beginner. You can start with a small amount of capital and it works for you. You don't have to be stuck in an office all day, watching a computer. I am very happy and I love to recommend it to my friends."

— Scott B., Kansas City, KS

Skeptical At First – Now 100% Winners!

"I get deluged with ads for systems making outrageous claims, so when I saw yours indicating that it was over 90% accurate, I was extremely skeptical – at first. It was so straightforward I decided to put it to the test. Wow, did it pass. For seven straight months. Every trade I found was a winner, including the March trade that made money in a market that ruined thousands of other options traders."

— S.H., Dallas, TX

$25,000 TO $500,000

"Several years ago I embarked on my journey into Options. Going over your methods, I felt an exhilaration sweep over me. There was hope for me to have my dream of trading successfully. Before long I was cranking out trades. The profits mount up relentlessly. My goal is to take a small $25,000 trading account to $500,000 after taxes during the next 4-5 years. Thanks again. Don, Without your ODDS based principles of trading, I probably would not be active in the markets. You're a lifesaver."

— Carl T.P., Ridgefield, WA

"I play most of the options that Don recommends on a nightly basis, and I monitor them daily. I've been doing this over the past 6-8 months and it has grossed me anywhere from $9,000 to $17,000 a month. It's been a good product to use."

— Paul H., Tampa, Florida

A Person Would Have To Be Nuts To Not Use ODDS

"Thank you once again for the personal attention and help with ODDS. A person would have to be nuts to buy or sell options without the training and information provided by ODDS. It pretty much divides those who make money in options and those who lose." 

                                                                                                                                                                           -Tori Z., Garden Grove, CA                                                                                                                                                                            

"Want you to know that your actions and recommendations during the recent market crisis were nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!!"

— C.D.M., Belleville, IL

A possible $1 Million in less than 3 years!

I believe ODDS will give you a huge advantage to achieve instant success. If there's any doubt in your mind, Earl's words should convince you . . .

"I use Don Fishback's ODDS to locate and find my trades. It has been nothing short of fantastic! And I had 5 months where I exceeded my goal of $15K per month. In fact in my best month, which was January, I think I made $57K . . . In six months I've made $175,000.00."

— Earl H., Nantucket retiree

At the rate Earl's been going, he'll have his first $1 million in less than three years.

Kind of makes you wonder how fast you could make your first $1 million doesn't it?

One Month Gain Of $17,000!

"Another amazing month. I had 5 out of 5 trades successful in November for a gain on the month of $17,688. That brings my three month total to 14 out of 15 trades (93.3% successful) and a total gain of $32,620…Also my positions for December are $17,000 up in one day!!!..."

— John G., Reston, VA

Annual Returns Of 100%

"At the expiration of the October options I had realized a profit of $6,300 … I expect to achieve similar returns on a monthly basis, which should lead to annual returns of at least 100%. You have done a great job with ODDS."

— William S., St. Louis, MO

17 Trades With 100% Success

"When I first got ODDS, I started doing a few trades…Since then, I've had 17 trades with 100% success. No losers! I'm thrilled to death."

— William M., Blountiville, TN

"In fact one of my friends trained with Don. Last I heard he was up over 100,000. So he's doing fine with it too."

— Bob P., Syracuse, NY

I Feel Really Proud Of My Option Trading Decisions

"My account is now worth $63,000 as of today…When I hear the "experts" every morning apologizing for how bad they have done this year and explaining why making money in this market is virtually impossible, it makes me feel really proud of my option trading decisions and really grateful for Don's teachings. Thanks, thanks, thanks."

— Nestor S., Kissimmee, FL

"You'll make a freakin' fortune with this!"

— Jeff J., Portland, OR

$42,000 Profit! I'm Very Happy!

"I use ODDS by Don Fishback exclusively for my option trading. My tax accountant advised me that I made $42,000 in…option trading profits. I'm very happy!"

— Art R., Port St. Lucie, FL

"What impressed me most was the method's ability to forecast actual trades. By the 4th signal, I'd realized just how valuable this ODDS approach really is. The four trades so far have given me over $9,000 in profits."

— Dan M., a retired pilot in Tampa, FL

So Good, It's Scary

"Your recommendations are so good, it's scary. Your track record is phenomenal. I've looked at a lot of newsletters tracking their performance for months, and yours is the only one that consistently makes money. I'm a big fan."

— Ed C., Greenville, SC

"Greetings from Montana! I am one of your ODDS customers. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful program. It has given me a new and very improved view of the markets. I am looking forward to make the most of it in the years to come."

— Dean B., Emigrant, MT

"Don, I am a subscriber to your program, and track your recommendations faithfully. They are right on the money."

— William F., Sayville, New York

"Every claim that you make in your advertising is true. I first started with $3,000.00 just to get going. Then added another $8,500.00 in January and off to the races from there. I had 36 winners in a row! No complaints."

— Michael K., Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

"As a former chief of police, senior business executive, author and certified fraud examiner I've developed strict criteria on which I build relationships. Integrity and professional competency are two key components of that criteria. Over several years of interacting with Don Fishback and his staff they have earned my confidence, trust, and respect."

— Bud B., Port St. Lucie, FL

"I just had to write and thank you again for sharing information that changed my life. Your course did this in a straight forward and easy to understand format-not to mention at an incredibly low price. If I were shopping courses using volatility to find undervalued materials, Your course would be 100%-a can't miss bargain! If you're ever in New Jersey, give me a call and dinner is on me-paid for with the profits your system generated."

— Tony B., Bernardsville, NJ

"100% success rate ... I made over $200,000 profit ... in just 14 months ... All trades have been winners"

— John D., Florida Sales Manager

"For seven straight months, every trade I found was a winner ... I was extremely skeptical at first. It was so straight-forward, I decided to put it to the test. Wow, did it pass!"

— Sid H., Retiree from Dallas Texas

"17 trades with 100% success. I'm thrilled to death ... Excellent history tells the truth."

— Bill M., Tennessee Engineer

"I purchased your ODDS training in April. At that time I was still working a full time job in an automotive wrecking yard. You are the reason I was able to retire 15 years earlier from a job I no longer found enjoyable."

— Michael G. C., Pocatello, ID

"I have nothing but praise for Don. He has made the options madness a lot clearer. The great profit doesn't hurt either! My husband was commenting just this weekend that he doesn't personally know anyone who is making money in the market except for his wife. I give all the credit to Don. Keep up the good work!!!"

 — Virginia D., Manaowa, WI

"When I know I have 90% chance of winning when placing the trade, how can I not have my confidence soar?"

— David A.

"Still making profits from your service (at least 30 thousand this year). I love you!"

— Arthur R., Port St. Lucie, FL

"I'm up over $10,000! Don is consistent, repeatable, profitable, safe, and no hype!"

— Roger P., Newbury Park, CA

"I have dabbled in option trading from time to time with some success, but not following anything methodically. It allows me to start out with a lot less money & still get very good returns. With a job and a family this appealed to me because I did not have the time to do it myself. Don is very straightforward and honest & seems to generally want to help people take care of their own destiny."

— Brian T. Elkhart, IN

"My worst year , I had 29 wins and 4 losses, and that comes out to 86.2% winning trades. My best year was last year, 28 wins, 1-loss, 95.6%. The years in between I never got less than 92% wins, so it's just been wonderful. These are all credit spreads."

— Bob M., Florida

"I called to tell you that my self-status of appointment, I've appointed Don as a 'saint'. From now on, I will refer to him as 'Saint Don'. I subscribed to his service early in the year, and since Jan. I've been doing nothing but ODDS and so far I have made over $70,000. And I expect before the May expiration I'll be up over $90,000. And, if that doesn't title him to 'sainthood' nothing does! Thank you!"

— John L., Silver Spring, MD

"I wish to convey my profound gratitude and appreciation to you ... A year and a half ago I didn't even know what an option was... I had no idea what sort of trades could be carried out with options... I partook of one of your seminars and in eight months of trading I can now tally up 52 out of 58 trades as winners... your instruction and methodology has made the field of trading accessible to me."

— Sterling M., Philpot, KY

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the tools and education. I closed out the last 4 months with only 2 losing trades and made over half my salary for a year in 4 months! Appreciate the service and recommendations and thanks for making the services reasonably priced. Very few advisory services are worth the money and I have never had any that are as effective. You have earned my business as a long term subscriber."

— Chris D., Salisbury, MD

"Don's way of calculating probability and profitability is spot on. In fact, it's so accurate, ever since 2000 I've been able to trade for a living. Basically, it's like having a cash faucet you can turn on any time by just placing another trade. And now, being able to trade in an IRA with no tax liability, it's a whole new ball game. It really is awesome."

— Paul D. Electronics Engineer

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Opportunity Of A Lifetime

"Following is a summary of trades I've executed. As you can see 100% SUCCESS. Looks like this will be a very exciting year!"

—Bill K., Florida

     This is the opportunity you've always dreamed would come your way. Make your trading do for you what is truly possible. Traders are making fortunes using ODDS right now! Put its power to work for you without the hassle. I'll be sharing my absolute best, unbelievable trades in the next issue. With such accurate trading and high profits, you owe it to yourself to respond to this no-risk trial offer today. Order right now and get started making money today!

     Yours For a Prosperous Future,

   Don Fishback

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